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2020 LATTICE virtual global check-in!

April 2020:

During this unprecedented time, educators are looking for creative ways to engage their students. 


LATTICE, a learning community and international network that cultivates and supports global perspectives in K-12 classrooms, is providing a unique opportunity to hear from other inhabitants of our global village. We organize "check-in" with educators from around the world who provide authentic information and stories about how their schools and communities are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.


The "Check-In" is open to educators and learners of all ages and in any location! Each of our global reporters' does a check-in, and an open question and answer period follows their individual reports. The "Check-In" use the powerful free teleconferencing platform Zoom.

Check our last virtual global-check-in!

  • April 2, 2020

    • Check-in recording

    • Check-in chat log

    • Number of participants: 69

    • Our Reporters:

      • Rana Salat Al-Smadi                     Irbid, Jordan

      • Yasmira Calderon Ibargollin        Havana, Cuba 

      • Arfang Dabo                                    Dakar, Senegal

      • Dion Ginanto                                  Batang Hari, Indonesia

      • Wanfei Huang                                Gungzhou, China

      • Daniel Muhwezi                             Kampala, Uganda

      • You Wang (Yoly)                            Chongqing, China

    • Moderators

      • Jennifer Wargo and Robert Lurie     East Lansing, Michigan USA

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