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Welcome to LATTICE

LATTICE was formed in 1995 by an educator Sally McClintock as an international education partnership between school districts in mid-Michigan, Michigan State University, international graduate students/scholars at Michigan State University, and community members.

LATTICE is been supported by 14 mid-Michigan School districts, Ingham Intermediate School District, and the African Studies Center, Asian Studies Center, Center for Advanced Studies of International Development (CASID), Center for European and Russian Studies, Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CLACS), College of Education, Graduate School, International Studies and Programs (ISP), Center for Gender in Global Context (GenCen) at Michigan State University.

LATTICE is a learning community and international network that cultivates and supports a global perspective in K-12 classrooms through personal and professional development opportunities. It provides international experience by connecting schools to local and international communities and linking internationals to classrooms with visits and emails. It supports international learning so that the children of today can be effective participants in the world of tomorrow.

LATTICE currently has 984 members from 80 countries comprising of K-12 administrators / teachers, MSU faculty / staff, international students / visiting scholars, and community members. LATTICE members meet for monthly presentations, discussions, food, and music with topics ranging from the personal to the global; from “What is home?” to “What is world hunger?” LATTICE initiates dynamic interaction on issues that concern educators throughout the world and strives to advance greater understanding on issues of diversity. It also builds personal relationships by sharing life stories of national and international LATTICE members.

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